Sep 01
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Positiano, Italy
Positano, Italy Positano June 2017. It is definitely an Australian favourite. The area grew on me day by day. It is touristy so expect that. But it is dam beautiful, stunning mountain trails, coves in between cliffs and of course aperol spritzs on tap. Friends have been asking for my Italy photos so here are some of my favourites. My tips for the Amalfi-Positano coast; rent a chair on Positano beach like the Italians would and bask in the glorious Italian sun (there’s lots of tourists doing touristy things and selfies to keep you entertained), the path of the gods was unreal but almost empty (everyone is on Positano having selfies?), skipper your own little wooden boat and explore the hidden bays (we never did, next time Sam)…and ahhh so much more.  
Jan 01
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Winter in Iceland
   Winter in Iceland Its 2am in Iceland and I can’t sleep. Nick’s fast asleep. The Northern lights are dancing outside but I just can’t do it any more. I’ve taken more photos in the last day then ever before in a day. This place is too much. She turned on a real show for us today. It is minus -7 degrees outside so I literally can’t take any more photos. We chatted to some Romanian’s today and they recon this is the temperature in spring back home. They think its balmy weather. Yeah right.     So Iceland. We are finally here. We’ve had some epic weather too. A wild storm on Monday covered the island, the locals say the last storm that bad was in ’91. Apparently that storm sent trucks flying. Well our night wasn’t nice either, we thought our roof would come off. But it didn’t, no tales. Anyway if you haven’t been here in winter, make the trip and pack warm clothes. Expecting more snow before we leave, that should be fun. Cheers from balmy Iceland.  
Nov 30
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Sagres, Portugal
Surfing in Sagres, Portugal Last weekend I hopped on a plane to meet 3 ‘boys’ on a surf trip. I managed to squeeze on the trip as the photographer. I forgot how much I loved hopping on these surf trips. They take you to isolated, breathtaking spots, spots you didn’t know existed but if there is a hint of a wave somewhere in the world, be sure the surfers will find it. Ps yes I’m available for surf trips.  So Sagres, this town is on the South West tip of Portugal and seems to be inhabited mainly by surfers. Big cliffs, hidden bays, sandy beaches and sunny days, what more could you want…ah yes and surf. Where there is surf in Europe there are surfers with surf vans and free camping of course. There was no shortage of surf vans parked up along the cliffs. These surfers, they’ve got it right.  So daily the boys would eat, surf, eat, surf, eat, drink and sleep…and repeat. It was simple. It was great. The town of Sagres is so tiny, before long you know every joint and every menu. Three tiny bars next door to each other, each with friendly staff and […]
Oct 17
Katie + James
Katie + James I hadn’t been to France in 15 years and I wasn’t sure if this would be the same place I had fallen in love with so many years ago. It wasn’t just an ordinary trip, this trip was for a very special and romantic wedding. As a guest at the wedding I decided I’d better pack my camera as this wedding would be something out of the ordinary. We met Katie and James almost 3 years ago when we moved in together in the beautiful Bronte, Sydney. They are an incredible couple, they dream up ideas, their dream grows more and more elaborate, then James reviews and revises the dream to meet reality, Katie continues to push all boundaries and somehow, together this dream becomes a reality. Their wedding was just this, a dream that they turned into the most spell-bounding day. This was no ordinary Chateau; this was Chateau was built in 1460s complete with an old moat, rickety drawbridge, a petite chapel and a caretaker who’s family had been the caretakers for many generations. The current owners purchased the Chateau in an unloved state and are gradually restoring the Chateau to its former splendour. I […]
Aug 25
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Lofoten, Norway
Lofoten, Norway Its not one of those places from Australia you mean to go to, it kinda just happens. We hadn’t done any research we just knew our final destination, the beautiful craggy artic outpost of the Lofoten Islands. We were in search of a wilder side of Norway. We set off from our sunny home in Tuscany and reached Norway after 3 long days of driving. A quick stop in Oslo to refuel with some good coffee and I was served by a Kiwi halfway across the world. Back on the road along the Southern Coastline of Norway, a maze of windy roads, taking you past rocky ocean cliffs and endless fjords. Passing little towns with Norwegian flags flying at every house, summer berry stalls dotted about and even some locals on the roads with their summer skis.     In Bergen we waited for a friend to join us on the journey further North, we had only 9 days to make it to the artic circle and back. Every local we spoke to thought we were mad. One old farmer I spoke to told me we’d never be able to make the journey in such a short time, laughing he […]